Automation in the foundry

Automation in the foundry to increase safety at work and the quality of production processes.

Obtain consistency over time and constant quality of the pieces. Use of advanced systems to replace humans in the most demanding activities due to weights, repetitive movements or complicated activities, such as the precise control of defects.

Our representative has long experience and expertise in the sector, has the ability to integrate the advanced technologies developed with the customer process

  • Aluminum: die casting, casting, deburring, brackets drilling.
  • Cast iron: Deburring, brackets drilling, core handling
  • Steel: deburring, hot forging, core handling

Ahead of its time, our Representative is committed to creating innovative solutions such as:

  • Pick-up from the bin, using 3D scanners and planning of trajectories for safe handling.
  • Quality control, 3D and 2D scanning.
  • Adaptive deburring, using laser measurement sensors with adaptive machining compensation.